How to Create a Unique DIY Photo Book
Today, there are various online editors you can use to create a photo book. However, most photo book editors do not do not offer great customized or unique templates that may match what you need. If you want to give someone a photo book as a souvenir, you'll need to be more creative. Read on for an overview of some things to consider to create a unique photo book. Click here for Shutterfly photo book coupons

Create Stories Using the Photos
Your favorite photos should tell a story about you, a person or an event that you would like to remember. Ideally, you want the photos to tell the story in a chronological manner. Arranging the photos chronologically will make it easier to remember specific important events in your life. Most of the time, the best stories are told by spontaneous photos. You do not want your photo book to be full of perfect or studio type photos. Get yourself a Snapfish coupon code

Edit Photos Using Online Editors
Thanks to improvement in technology, you can make your photos look awesome through various online editors. For example, features such as filters, frames and masks are perfect for spicing up the way photos look. Some online editors also allow you to choose multiple layouts for your photo books. It is easy to bring out particular emotions based on the type of layout you use for your photos. Your photo book can be quite boring if you have a lot of photos but are not using decorative signatures on them. Choose photos that will help to commemorate important happenings in your life. For photos that convey the same story, consider setting them up as a collage so that you won't have to omit any of them in the photo book. Also remember to view

Use Big Words to Tell Your Story
You can tell the unique story brought out by the photos in your photo book by using words. After years of living an eventful life, it may not be possible to remember all the events that may be portrayed in a photo. This is why describing the photos with some words is important. Adding comments on the photos is also a good way of ensuring you will not forget what events they commemorate. If your photo book is to be unique, you have to be creative. You can even go overboard and attach a journal to the photo book to have more clarity on the events depicted in particular photos.

Take Advantage of Quotes
Using quotes is another way in which you can make your photo book unique. Search online for quotes that will fit the events being portrayed in the photos.